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The Residences at The Ritz Carlton - 1414 Penn Square

September 21, 2017

I love the Ritz. Love. I think the fit and finish, along with the pricing structure, location and staff are nothing short of top notch. The amenities floor includes a large pool, huge gym, hot tub and one of the most comfortable and actually usable community rooms I have seen in town- and guess what- owners actually use it (rare for these rooms to get good use, but this one is so comfy that it actually gets used). Great outdoor space off the community room as well. The A and G units face south, and they are both two bedroom condos- and I think a terrific value- I have sold two of these units in my day and my clients LOVE living at 1414 S. Penn Square. The B units are the only stack with balconies. I also find the F units to be very popular with many of my buyers. Though to be honest, I don't think my clients would turn their nose up at any unit here if the unit happened to fall into their price range. 

1414 Penn Sq.

Units all have high-end finishes with floor to ceiling windows. Bathrooms are oversized and spacious. You have to palettes to choose from in terms of finishes, and I don't see a whole lot of difference between the two- meaning my buyers tend to like both options. Parking and extra storage are available at an additional price. Owners of condos at the Ritz Carlton have access to the Towncar to take them around town. The penthouses are nothing short of stunning... and you may have an opportunity to buy them raw and finish them to your liking. The building is a very attractive blue glass and from the curb, provides an interesting look and feel to the neighborhood. 

Mark Wade

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