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REO’s Can be the Best Deals in Philadelphia Real Estate

September 25, 2012

There is an interesting phenomenon in Philadelphia real estate called "REO's" aka Relo's" aka "corporate owned" properties. In the 1980's I specialized in Real Estate Owned Philadelphia condos. This is bank inventory that can be acquired in a number of ways. REO's are a close cousin to foreclosures. 

An example of how a Philadelphia condo can become an REO is when "Suzie" works for a company such as IBM. IBM says, "Suzie, we want to promote you and move you to another state." So, IBM buys her condo and sells it through a third party intermediary . 

IBM (or whatever company may be relocating their employee) is not in the business of owning condos so they hire a 3rd party to get rid of it. These Philadelphia condos are usually very competitively priced and generally sell for less than asking price. Now, of course, every sale is an anomaly, but generally, corporate owned properties are owned by people that have no emotional contact to the property and therefore, they just want to get rid of their inventory as quickly as possible.  

If you come across one of these condos in Philadelphia, you can get a phenomenal deal! They are generally priced competitively. I've been selling these for 20 years. Buying an REO is a great way to snag a property that may have been out of your reach. I always push my buyers to look into these and they end up singing and dancing in the street! 

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